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Feature Overview

Organic chemistry is tough. It's traditionally been labeled a "weed out" class because of the obstacles it presents. Many students have trouble because they try to memorize facts instead of learning fundamental concepts. Usually the solution is to repeatedly work problems until some level of understanding is reached. Unfortunately, there's little feedback in this approach - you check your answer and it's either right or wrong.

Mol Stereochemistry is a new kind of organic chemistry learning tool that gives immediate response. It's built with solid interaction design and gamification principles in mind making it perfect to practice and master difficult problems in chemistry on-the-go. Mol includes stereochemical properties like chiral centers that are not highlighted in expensive and bulky physical model kits. All of the molecular content is sourced from the National Institutes of Health PubChem online database. Mol is vetted by chemistry professionals to ensure you have an authentic and effective learning experience.



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Latest Release Notes

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1.0.1 - March 8th, 2018


  • Updated UI elements to support iPhone X
  • Added a notification to the chiral start screen to highlight viewing the tutorial before going into the exercise
  • Adjusted the position of the final chiral center tutorial text box to be even with the other tutorial boxes
  • Disabled the ability of the user to open the chiral exercise's side panel during the tutorial

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed selection of atoms in chiral center exercise
  • Fixed bug with submit button that caused it not to function after viewing or exiting out of tutorials
  • Fixed issue where little gray dots appeared at the end of bonds when toggling carbon and hydrogen views
  • Fixed a bug where network service appears down but is actually still active
  • Fixed the layer issue where confirm dialogs appear behind ui elements in the chiral center exercise

Known Issues

  • Connecting multiple devices to a single facebook account returns an error



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Mol is made possible by a grant from the National Institutes of Health NIGMS.