PhotonInc Now Available


Over the past year, we've been supported by a generous grant from the National Science Foundation's SBIR program to develop PhontonInc, a game about the physics of light. We're please to announce it is now available for download.

PhotonInc is built with accurate science. We've designed it to align with the Next Generation Science Standards MS-PS4 and HS-PS4 Waves and Their Applications in Technology for Information Transfer. At Substrate Games we recognize the potential for game-based learning but feel many "educational games" pale in comparison to their for-entertainment cousins. Our goal is to develop rich, engaging products that entertain and amaze gamers, yet have educational value intrinsically woven into the fabric of the game design.

If you're interested in adding game-based learning to your classroom, check it out PhotonInc EDU on our store! Included is a set of lesson plans to get you up and running in no time.

Happy radiating!

-The PhotonInc Team